Gamescom First Impressions: Dreadnought

With Dreadnought the german developer Yager and publisher Grey Box try to do for space ships what Wargaming did for Tanks, Warships and Planes – giving them the free-to-play treatment. Ironically while Wargaming is backing the remake of the 4X classic Master of Orion. Yagers last press  was the loss of the Dead Island 2 project, making Dreadnought the studios only announced project at this point and probably important for the companies future.

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Gamescom First Impressions: Gigantic

At this years gamescom the games Battleborn, Gigantic and Overwatch seemed at first glance very similar. All of these game try to embed shooter mechanics into a moba framework with a colorful stylized look. I like shooters and I like mobas, so I gave them try –  at least two of them. I didn’t manage to play Battleborn, this means I won’t cover it. All I know is that the developer is trying not to position the game as a moba. Likely because they try to sell it as a boxed title and if people start believing it is moba, they  won’t be willing to pay 70€ for it. This assumption might be a bit outdated since games like Titanfall or Evolve show you can sell a multiplayer only game for 70€. Anyhow let’s talk shooter mobas, more specifically  Gigantic. I will ignore Overwatch because I don’t want to preach to the choir. But maybe this article gets you interested in Gigantic.

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Gamescom First Impression: Albion Online


Disclaimer: My first impression in this case is not based on a hands on but rather on a 15 minute presentation I attended and a fact sheet I got from the team. So take everything with a grain of salt. Until I play it I give it the benefit of the doubt.

Today I want to bring some attention to a project I was introduced to at gamescom and which stuck with me since then. As it is one of the most uncompromising designs I have seen in a while. The game I am talking about is Albion Online (as the title suggest). It is developed by the Berlin based company Sandbox Interactive with a head count of 34 people. This number becomes very important when one looks at what kind of game the team is trying to build. Nothing short of a free-to-play, cross-platform, non-casual MMORPG is the goal. Yes you read right, non-causal, MMORPG, cross-platform with 34 people. Every producer’s nightmare. What I saw so far was very impressive.

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Gamescom First Impression: Mad Max

As the dust settles in cologne and I return to my desk in Berlin I finally find the time to write down some of my thoughts on what I experienced last week. Starting with my first impression of Mad Max which is being developed by Avalanche Studios. It is going to released in September of this year. My first impression is  based on a 15-20min sessions with the game. So lets get into it:


Without doubt Mad Max is my personal highlight of the show. Even though I was not very exited when it was announced in 2013 but after experiencing the Mad Max: Fury Road in cinemas and binging on all other movies this changed drastically, so guess I am a little biased. 

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A MAZE Berlin 2015: Marie Foulston

After visiting the Gamesfest I had the chance to sit down with Marie Foulston at the A MAZE Festival 2015 and talk about the topic of curation of video games and the culture surrounding it.

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Womenize! 2015

This time I visited the Womenize! in Berlin. It is a platform for women in tech to connect and exchange experiences. I had the chance to talk with the organisers Michael Liebe and Ruth Lemmen to talk about their event. The speakers Nicole DeMeo and Reine Abbas I asked how they see the current state for women in the games industry.

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Quo Vadis 2015: Episodic Games

An new video is upon us. This time I had the chance to chat with Julius Kuschke and Oscar Clark about the current state of episodic games.

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Global Game Jam 2015

The Global Game Jam is a yearly event where game developments enthusiasts all over the world get together and create a game in 48 hours based on a theme. This year the Berlin based company “Wooga” hosts the Berlin GGJ location. We visited it….

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Local Multiplayer Summit: Interview with Adriaan de Jongh

Join is a one day event about local multiplayer video games, or “games that can be played by two or more people in the same physical location”. This is interview with Adriaan de Jongh from Game Oven and we talked about the his “weird” games.

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Gamescom: Interview with ProMéxico

At Gamescom I had the chance to with Michel Huber and Yamin Ruiz. We had a the opportunity to talk about the state of the Mexican industry. They share their vision for what the future holds.

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